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Wrist Rests
This is a gel pad with built-in palm
Support. A Lycra cover gives precise
mouse performance and a non-skid
base increases support. Color: Blue
Closeout pricing: Part #: SMP-1225

$4.95 each
$135.00 box of 30
SoftGel Wrist Rest
This is a gel palm support covered
with Lycra. The wrist pad measures
Closeout pricing: Part #: SWR-1225

$4.95 each
$108.00 box of 24
SoftGel Mouse Rest
Foam Wrist rest with Adesive Backing
This is a foam wrist rest with a fabric
cover and an adhesive backing, It
measures 20"X2 1/2"X2/3". It is great
for sharp edges on a desk or keyboard
Closeout pricing: Part #: AW211Key

$4.95 each
$45.00 box of 10
2½" ErgoRest
This is a 19"X2½"X1" foam wrist rest
covered by fabric on a 19"X10"
Closeout pricing: Part #: 5410BK2.5

$7.00 each
$60 box of 10
17" X 15" VuRyte
•Black or Graphite finish
•Elevates 2"; Stacks
•17" x 15" x 2"
•Supports up to 60 lbs.
•3 pockets on one side; 1 on other
•Ideal for printers, fax, other office machines
Closeout pricing: Part #: VR-7255

$15.00 each
$60 box of 6
Monitor Stand
Freedom Stand & Liborator
•Black or Graphite finish
•Elevates 2"; Stacks
•Supports up to 50 lbs.
•Storage for USB Ports, zips, paper files, almost
Closeout pricing: Part #: VR-1776-PHL

$8.00 each
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Glare Screens
These are Glare Screes for non Flat
Panel Monitors
Filters that hang in front of the
monitor. Color: Putt Gray
VMG 16-18         $15.00
(Fits monitors with 16 - 18 inch diagonal)
VMG 12-15         $15.00
(Fits monitors with 12 - 15 inch diagonal)
Universal Filters that fit over the front
of the monitor. Color: Putt Gray
U-14                $15.00
(Fits monitors with 17 inch diagonal)
U-15                $15.00
(Fits monitors with 15 inch diagonal)
U-17                $20.00
(Fits monitors with 17 inch diagonal)
U-20                $30.00
(Fits monitors with 20 inch diagonal)
NeatView Privacy Filter. Color: Putt