Pelican Patient
Handling Products
Bed Slide Sheets
These special slippery sheets (similar, but different to parachute material)
are used for turning patients in bed or sliding them up the bed. They can
also be used when sliding patients from beds to trolleys, shower baths etc.
Pink Sheets are stiff but very slick. Red sheets are softer and quieter but not
as slick.
Bed Slide Sheet Red 39" X 59" P507Q
Bed Slide Sheet Pink 39" X 59" P507S
Bed Slide Sheet Pink 79" X 59" P507S2
Bed Slide Sheet Red 39" X 59" P507Q
Slide & Turn Sheet
The Slide & Turn Sheet makes turning patients in bed much easier. Log
rolling patients is avoided by using the Pelican Slide & Turn Sheet. This
special breathable sheet is placed on the bed and stays in position with a
very strong breathable foam that will withstand commercial washing.

The patient can sleep directly on top of the Pelican Slide & Turn Sheet as
the sheet is breathable. When it is necessary to turn the patient, the Carers
simply hold the top section and pull it as if pulling a normal Bed Slide Sheet.
The patient can be turned
from side to side, or left sleeping on their back, before moving them onto
their side. They can also be moved up the bed, assisted to sit up and helped
to get out of bed with the sheet.

The Pelican Slide & Turn Sheet is much easier to use with very large
patients who are difficult to log roll. The patients who have very fragile skin
also benefit as there is less touching the patient when turning them.
Slide & Turn Sheet
Slide Board Mat
Slide Board Mat is a comfortable padded item used for transferring form bed
to shower trolley or operating table etc.. We highly recommend using in
combination with a Trolley Slide Board.
Sliding Trolley Sheet