• No-Trax T17 Superfoam® Anti-Fatigue Mat  5/8 thick, 2 x 3 ft

Superfoam® is a an extremely lightweight and durable foam anti-fatigue mat designed especially for extreme ergonomic comfort. Because of its lightweight, it's easy to move when using at sit-stand workstations.

Made from a closed cell PVC Nitrile foam blend, Superfoam® does not absorb liquids and is highly resistant to greases, oils, and industrial chemicals such as cutting fluid. This allows it to be used in areas where occasional overspray and dripping occur such as dishwashing stations and bar areas. And because of its light weight, it is the perfect mat for areas where mats are regularly moved for cleaning like cooking lines, service counters, and food prep stations.

Features & Benefits

·         Comfortable foam material provides greater comfort and exceptional memory

·         Unique PVC/nitrile rubber foam blend resists chemicals, cutting fluids, greases, oils, and fats

·         High-density material incorporates millions of tiny closed cells that won’t absorb liquids

·         All sizes are available in perforated versions to facilitate the removal of liquids and debris from the work surface

·         An aggressive pattern on both the top and bottom creates an anti-slip surface and minimizes mat movement

·         45° beveled edges on all 4 sides reduces trip hazards

·         Non-allergenic, silicone-free compound

No-Trax T17 Superfoam® Anti-Fatigue Mat 5/8 thick, 2 x 3 ft

  • Brand: Superior
  • Product Code: T17-3x2-BLK
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