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The Sit, Slide & Stand Pad will allow a patient to sit down at the front of a chair, and then slide their hips back into the chair.

 They can be helped to slide back by one or two nurses pulling the pad back with the lifting loops. The patient can be helped to stand by the nurses pulling the webbing handles.

 Once they are correctly positioned in the chair, the patient should maintain good spinal posture and can lean back against the chair, but they should not slide off it. This product will be good for the type of patient who normally gently slides off the chair, as this can be used instead of a Safety Belt. It is best if patients wear trousers as some dress fabrics could ride up.

 If a patient is very active, this product may not be suitable, and possibly our Chair Belt for Sliders or another type of Belt may be better. If you have a problem patient, phone, fax or email us to discuss alternative belts.

The pad does not build up heat and is comfortable to sit on and is virtually unnoticeable when in use. However, the pad may interfere with special seating if this is used for pressure care, though it has been very successfully used underneath cushions to prevent sliding. The material is water resistant, and can be helpful in protecting cushions.

 This item is more likely to be considered nursing home equipment rather than hospital equipment, although it it still often used in hospitals & rehabilitation facilities.

Sit Slide and Stand Pad

  • Brand: Pelican
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