Great for high traffic office areas and open office environments. Utilizes3M™ microlouver privacy technology to help keep confidential and private information safe from prying eyes. Only persons directly in front of the monitor can see the image on the screen, passers-by see only a dark screen. Reversible for either glossy or matte screen finish. Matte side provides glare reduction.

Helps reduce mirror-like reflections from bright lights to help keep what’s on your monitor clear and visible.

See Clearly
Incredible technology diffuses light and reduces glare so your screen is easier to see in challenging and changing indoor lighting conditions. This filter not only reduces glare and mirror-like reflections in high-glare situations, it also protects your monitor from dirt, debris and scratches. The filter also comes with a soft cleaning cloth that erases fingerprints and makes it easy to keep your computer screen looking brand new.  Apply this 3M monitor anti-glare filter to your computer with ease using the removable and re-attachable adhesive strips.

Designed to fit LCD monitors with a diagonally measured 19" viewing screen with a 5:4 aspect ratio.  Actual filter dimensions are 14-13/16" w x 11-7/8 h (377 mm x 302 mm).  Lightweight, thin, frameless design.

Tips for Optimizing Use:

For the highest clarity, view your screen through the glossy side of the 3M Privacy Filter. When working in high ambient light, reduce glare by viewing your screen through the matte side.


Measure from the upper left corner diagonally down to the lower right corner of your monitor screen making sure you measure the viewable area only. For a proper fit, do not include the monitor or laptop frame or casing in your measurement. The PF19.0 is made to fit monitors measuring 11-7/8" h x 14-13/16" w.

3M LCD Privacy Computer Filter for 19.0" Screens

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  • Product Code: PF190C4B
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