• Workfit-S, Single Monitor with Worksurface (White)

Standing Desk Attachment - Front Clamp

Convert any surface into an adjustable-height standing desk with the attachment of the WorkFit-S. Make computing comfortable for prolonged periods—stand up whenever you want. This sit-stand workstation is extraordinarily simple to use. With the push or pull of a hand, you can instantly raise or lower your keyboard and display in one easy motion, yet all the while the system will remain stable throughout your work routine.

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Product Benefits

Premium Ergonomics

·         Install keyboard tray at focal distance that is right for you: closer or farther; left, right or centered

·         When sitting, lower your keyboard below desktop height to proper ergonomic position

·         Independent monitor screen adjustment

·         Easily and simultaneously lift keyboard and monitor to your height for unsurpassed comfort

·         Counterbalanced adjustment points using patented Constant Force™ technology allow instantaneous, tool-free re-positioning while you work!

For Computer Users

·         Improve your energy and productivity by standing or sitting as you work, and then switch positions whenever you choose. This work style encourages healthy movement throughout the day

·         Promote fitness and comfort as you compute, reducing potential back and neck pain by adding movement into your work routine in a truly ergonomic workstation

·         Burn more calories by choosing to stand for periods of your work-day; periodic standing also promotes greater bone density and better sleep at night. WorkFit-S counteracts an increasingly sedentary workstyle

For IT and Facilities Staff

·         IT deployment friendly—convert most work areas into a productive and complete computer workstation in minutes

·         Modify existing office spaces or cubes by simply clamping a WorkFit-S on an existing worksurface, without the cost of expensive professional installers

·         Safe and neat routing of cables

·         Flexible, open-architecture design is scalable for future computer equipment

For HR/Risk Management and Company Cost Savings

·         Manage the cost of healthcare premiums by promoting wellness in the daily work routine

·         Provide standing work platforms for employees without having to buy expensive height-adjustable chairs

·         Comfortable computing offers provable ROI on investment—healthcare costs associated with unhealthy computing and missed time are reduced while productivity increases

·         Standing supports healthy neck and back conditions. According to the 2007 OE Medicine Journal, back and neck pain are cited as the most costly conditions affecting employees

·         Studies in office ergonomics show productivity increases 12%–18% following an ergonomic intervention where employees are provided with well-designed ergonomic furniture

Adjustable Desktop Solutions
Manufacturer: ErgoTron
Style: Desktop sit-stand mounts to front edge of desk with C-clamp or grommet mount
Adjustment Range: LCD and keyboard tray adjust 18" in tandem; LCD adjusts 4.8" independently; Maximum LCD height 22.8". Keyboard platform adjusts 4" below to 14" above work surface
Lift Technology: Counterbalancing mechanism uses Constant Force™ technology
Desktop Footprint: 27" w x 16.3" d (keyboard tray also sticks out 14" from the front of the desk)
Work Surface Size: 23" W x 14.5" D
Work Surface Height: 8.2" above keyboard platform
Monitor Size: Maximum LCD outside width: 24.5"
Monitor Height Range: 4.8" of independent height adjustment, Maximum LCD height adjustment: 25"
Monitor Adjustment: 30° Tilt, 360° rotation (landscape to portrait). Standard VESA (75mm & 100mm)
Color: White with Silver/Chrome accents
Number of Monitors: 1 LCD monitors
Shipping Weight: 44 lbs.
Warranty: Five (5) years
Weight Capacity: Maximum Total: 18 lbs., Min: 6 lbs. Monitor: 6 - 16 lbs. each, Worksurface: up to 5 lbs., Keyboard platform: up to 5 lbs.,

Workfit-S, Single Monitor with Worksurface (White)

  • Brand: Ergotron
  • Product Code: 33-350-211
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • $880.00
  • $528.00

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